Black rappers are some of the most progressive white supremacist on planet earth, they openly and aggressively promote ignorance, violence, degradation, exploitation, death, hedonism, materialism, and spiritual erosion to the black community. It never occurs to us or to the black rappers for that matter, that white men pay them millions of dollars to erode black souls, and to systematically destroy generations of younger black souls to come.




but, the beats go hard as fuck though. 



the muhfuckin dillemma 



As soon as someone knows you have feelings for them, they hold all the power and it’s so annoying.


Jackson, Janet by vaydiemvisuals
If you’re not down for enlightening, aiding, and protecting black youth you can’t be bae.



Bamileke  During the mid-17th century, the Bamiléké people’s forefathers left the North to avoid being forced to convert to Islam. They migrated as far south as Foumban. Conquerors came all the way to Foumban to try to impose Islam on them. A war began, pushing some people to leave while others remained, submitting to Islam. This marks the division between the Bamun and Bamiléké people.
Bantu refers to a large, complex linguistic grouping of peoples in Africa. The Cameroon-Bamileke Bantu people cluster encompasses multiple Bantu ethnic groups primarily found in Cameroon, the largest of which is the Bamileke. The Bamileke, whose origins trace to Egypt, migrated to what is now northern Cameroon between the 11th and 14th centuries. In the 17th century they migrated further south and west to avoid being forced to convert to Islam. Another reason for migration was to resist enslavement during the Atlantic Slave Trade.



Black men have to realize that just supporting “respectable” black women doesn’t mean you’re truly down for the cause every black woman must be supported at all cost